Plesk Multi Server



In this course, you will learn what is Plesk Multi Server, how to deploy and use it.

You will learn:

- What is Plesk Multi Server.
- System requirements and limitations.
- How to deploy Plesk Multi Server management node (MN).
- How to add service nodes (SN) and manage them.
- How to attach an existing Plesk Onyx server to the Plesk Multi Server infrastructure.
- How to provision customers and hosting services to Plesk Multi Server.
- How to migrate to Plesk Multi Server.
- How to troubleshoot provisioning issues.

Course duration: 1 hour

  • Deploying Plesk Multi Server
  • Attaching an existing Plesk Onyx server
  • Provisioning Hosting Services to Plesk Multi Server
  • Migrating to Plesk Multi Server
  • Troubleshooting Plesk Multi Server
  • Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed