Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have reset the password, but I am still unable to login.

You might be trying to log in using your e-mail as username. To remember your username, use the Forgot? link above the Username field on the login form.


Q2. I am unable to log in or reset the password: the system says that the e-mail was sent, but I cannot receive the password reset link.

Please, contact us at, and we will assist you with restoring access to your account.


Q3. I have registered a new account but cannot log in. Plesk University says that my account is inactive. Why?

To enable your account, check the inbox of the e-mail address you used to register an account for activation link. As soon as you activate your account, you will be able to start using Plesk University.

If you do not see email with activation link even in your Spam folder, then contact your system administrators to whitelist the following IPs and hostnames involved in automatic notifications processing:


Q4. I have completed the course, and now I want to take a certification exam. What should I do?

Plesk University will assign you the exam immediately after you completed the corresponding course.


Q5. I want to pass a certification exam, but it is shown as “Restricted.” What does this mean?

Exams are available only to those students who have passed the corresponding training course. Once you complete the course, you will be able to take the exam. For example, to pass Plesk Professional Certification, you first must complete the Plesk Professional course.


Q4. I want to pass a certification exam, but cannot log in and get the "You are not a member of this branch" error message. Why?

Most likely, you are registered through the main website (, but trying to log in to some company's branch (e.g. company Acme - branch In that case, it is required to choose "Not affiliated / other" at the "Please select from the list below to log in to your exam site" interview step.

If you are a member of a company and it is present in the list, then send a message to the Plesk University system administrators with the company name and we will switch you to the corresponding branch within 2 business days.


Q6. What is your policy on exam retakes?

Starting from January 25, 2019, you have 10 attempts to pass each exam (before that date - only 2 attempts). If you failed to pass an exam, you need to wait three days before taking another attempt. Use this time to revise the course's materials. 


Q7. What is the structure of exams and the exam rules?

Exams have been designed to be challenging and to test your proficiency, skills, and technical knowledge of Plesk. We strongly recommend preparing by reviewing all training materials and practicing within a demo environment prior to your exam.

Each individual exam is unique and includes randomly selected questions and scenarios. The time limit on the exam is 30 minutes (45 minutes for Expert-level exams). You must answer 80% of questions correctly. Partially correct answers in multiple answer questions are not recognized as correct answers. The test will finish immediately once you provided too many incorrect answers (i.e. 5 incorrect answers in Professional and Solutions Associate exams and 6 incorrect answers in Expert exams).

Use of training materials or outside help during the exam is prohibited. The goal of the exam is to test your knowledge of the product. If you cannot remember a best practice or a correct procedure, you will not be able to apply it in practice either.


Q8. Can you tell me which exam questions I answered incorrectly?

No. The exam answers are not revealed, whether you pass or fail the test.


Q9. How long are Plesk University certificates valid?

Plesk certificates and badges are valid for two years.


Q10. Do you offer courses/exams in languages other than English?

Most of our courses and exams are available in English only. The only exception is Plesk Professional that is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Visit our course catalog to see the full list of available courses and exams.


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